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About Us

Who We Are

We are a network of civil society who work together to improve education in Uganda; made up of over 100 civil society organizations (CSOs) and community based organizations (CBOs) who undertake joint advocacy work to influence government and campaign for change. FENU is committed to linking people to policy and best practice for a better education. FENU believes that as civil society we are stronger if we work together. All our work depends on the active involvement of our members and partners and our work is defined by what our members want to focus on. Most of our work is done by the thematic groups of members and partners who come together to campaign on different issues.

FENU has six active thematic groups working on;

  • Access and quality
  • Gender parity
  • Education in emergencies
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Education for Refugees
  • Early childhood education
Our Goal

We seek a Uganda, where injustices in education policy and delivery have been overcome. This goal calls for the efforts of all of us. Injustice in education simply means injustice in all other aspects of life – social, economic and political. For, it’s difficult for the uneducated, less skilled and less informed to compete for the normally scarce resources and opportunities with those who are more educated, more skilled and more informed.

FENU works to improve quality, access, equity and sustainability of education for all. Drawing strengths from our national diversity and strategic linkages with the civil society, we facilitate and influence lasting change in the education sector. Our objective is to influence government and donor priority areas and actions towards improving access and quality of education for all in Uganda.

Our Advocacy

Advocacy is FENUs strategic approach to realising an equitable and quality education for all persons in Uganda. It’s the belief of FENU membership that persuading government and others in power to change education policy and practices will lead to equity and justice in education. ‘Advocacy is a set of organised activities designed to influence the policies and actions of others to achieve positive changes. Advocacy may be aimed at changing policy or preventing policy from changing; it may be about changing the behaviour of the general public or may be about changing perceptions. Advocacy may be aimed at changing beliefs, opinions, behaviours and policies, either directly or indirectly through other actors who might be more influential on decision-makers.

How We Work

FENU‘s theory of change involves working at multiple levels to campaign for better education. We work closely with citizens, civil society, local government and national government to influence policy and practice. We work with our members to identify where and how to campaign for change in policy and practice and provide a forum where organizations can work together to influence education provision in Uganda. We influence change by;

  • Lobbying government
  • Running campaigns and events
  • Working with media and the press
  • Quarterly thematic group meetings
  • Sharing information across the members of the forum
  • Holding those in power accountable