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About Us

The Forum for Education NGOs in Uganda (FENU) is a network of civil society who work together to improve education in Uganda. FENU is made up of over 100 civil society organizations (CSOs) and community based organizations (CBOs) who undertake joint advocacy work to influence government and campaign for change. FENU is committed to linking people to policy and best practice for a better education.We work in many different ways to influence change lobbying government, running campaigns, working with the press, sharing information across the forum, holding those in power to account and running events. FENU believes that as civil society we are stronger if we work together.

How We Work

FENU‘s theory of change involves working at multiple levels to campaign for better education. We work closely with citizens, civil society, local government and national government to influence policy and practice.We work with our members to identify where and how to campaign for change in policy and practice and provide a forum where organizations can work together to influence education provision in Uganda.


We aim to provide quality, reliable, safe, economic and punctual services to our customers.


To provide quality education that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. We exceed customers’ expectations by offering a memorable trip coupled withexperiences that last a lifetime.


We grow by putting our customers at the very core of our business.We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business.


Build institutional capacity of member organizations in education policy analysis, advocacy, management, research and information

Our Strategic Objectives
  • Provide an advocacy platform for civil society to innovatively think and take joint advocacy action to improve education in Uganda
  • Provide space for sharing and learning between civil society and with other education stakeholders on key education issues.
  • Build the institutional and technical capacity of Civil Society Organisations to effectively influence education policy and service delivery
  • To build the capacity of the secretariat to effectively coordinate civil society advocacy efforts.
Our Thematic Priorities
  • To influence NGOs, government and donor policy and action to improve access and quality of education for all in Uganda
  • To promote and strengthen innovative and practically feasible approaches of achieving gender parity and equitable education at all levels in Uganda
  • To promote relevant, competence-based lifelong learning for all, including those who find it hard to access formal education
  • To influence government, NGOs and other ECD stakeholders to prioritize and commit to the expansion of relevant and quality early childhood education and development in Uganda.
  • To strengthen coordination of a multi-sectoral response to ensure all children in emergency situations can access quality and inclusive education
  • To promote refugee children’s access to quality education in Uganda
Voices from our Partners and Members

Edison Nsubuga

  • Technical Advisor
  • Plan

“To us, FENU symbolises a web of links and nodes where the nodes are the NGOs and the links represent the exchange among the membership. As a learning organisation, information exchange and mutual learning facilitated by FENU is of utmost importance for us as members.”

Susan Asio

  • Programme Coordinator,
  • Ka Tutandike

“Through different dialogues during meetings in the ECD working group, KTU has been able to strength and realign its ECD programmes, which the organisation implements for children 0-5 years in market places. KTU looks forward to a continued partnership with the FENU coalition.”

Lillian Viko

  • Education Programme Manager
  • VSO

“FENU has grown through the years to be the one major meeting point for all education NGOs in Uganda that provides an opportunity for like-minds in education to cause lasting changes in the lives of recipients and service providers of education alike”

Andreas Blom

  • Lead Economist
  • World Bank

"FENU has played an essential, effective, and highly constructive role in the design of the forthcoming Teacher Effectiveness project financed by the Global Partnership for Education and supervised by the World Bank".

Andreas Blom

  • Executive Director
  • Uganda Society for disabled Children

“I like FENU. With FENU all learners could attain inclu-sive quality education and together we can make this system work in Uganda”